Workaholic Becomes Pet Parent

How Did I Become a Pet Parent?

We had a dog when I was growing up and I loved her, but my mom was her person. So, I wasn’t responsible for her. Then I grew up, went to college, went to graduate school and joined the real world.  I was married to my job. No husband, no children, no pets – no time….


Things changed after I lost my dad and needed someone to love. And I’ve learned a lot about work life balance (for the first time ever). I’ve learned about selflessness and cleaning up poop and vomit at all times of the day and night. I’ve learned about resources for busy pet parents. I’ve learned about allergies and illness. I’ve learned about grooming and training. And pet photographers.

Learning to be a Pet Parent

In this part of my blog, we’ll talk about the things I have learned and that I’m still learning about this adorable, sensitive, stubborn, charming fourteen pound being who has taken over my home and my heart.


Come along….