Dog Fun -- Pet Palooza 2017


We went to our first Pet Palooza about three months after Murphy came home.  It was his first big outing.  They had a fashion show for recent rescues and we signed up for it.  It was a grey day with sprinkles, but it was a great time.  And we have built our calendar around it every year since then.

Some years are hot, some are cold, some are wet, but it doesn’t matter. It is always a great day to be in Independence Park with your four-legged friend and two legged friends too, if you have those.

It is the Humane Society of Charlotte’s biggest fundraiser annually. It features a 2k walk, contests, hundreds of vendor booths, bands, food trucks and a beer garden. It is, quite frankly, a blast.

Murphy, resplendent in his Pet Palooza bandana, waiting impatiently for the "Walk for the Animals 2016."

Murphy, resplendent in his Pet Palooza bandana, waiting impatiently for the "Walk for the Animals 2016."

The walk begins at 10 am with registration starting at 9 am.

The first two years we didn’t walk because we did the fashion show, since then we have done the walk. That is how I learned that my little guy thinks he is the “lead dog.”  Murphy is one of the slowest walkers around.  He sniffs, he stands, he sits.  It can take us an hour or more to walk a mile. 

Unless we are at Pet Palooza or another dog walk.  Then he is sprinting to get to the front of the pack. He will go around dogs. He’ll walk through people’s legs.  It is a race and he intends to win.  Last year I got shin splints from our unusual pace. 

After the walk, we enjoy visiting all of the booths. It is a great way to meet some of the businesses in Charlotte who cater to dogs and the people who love them.

And then then we’ll settle in for food, drink and music.

We hope to see lots of friends and new friends on Saturday, April 22.

Lessons learned:

If your dog is shy or aggressive, please know that this is a very crowded event. Our first year we didn't stay too long and I was really cautious around other dogs.

Bring a bag or look for a vendor who is giving away bags – you will pick up lots of trinkets.

Bring something to sit on – a chair or a towel will do – or you can sit in the grass

Sunscreen – enough said

If you haven’t been before, you may want to go early. It gets crowded in the afternoon and can be overwhelming especially for shy dogs.