Dog Fun -- Thank You Easter Bunny!

The oh so scary Easter Bunny

The oh so scary Easter Bunny


Murphy loves holidays.  Christmas, Easter, Birthday... Any holiday where gift bags appear (we’re not big wrappers, but he is the king of the gift bag.  In fact, he does not understand that all gift bags are not his.

I have not tried to explain the religious meaning of Easter and Christmas, but he is pretty clear on the secular meaning.  A week or more ahead of time I put him in some goofy outfit and he goes and has a hostage photo taken with some creepy clown like creature.  There are usually other dogs there so it isn’t all bad.  This year’s photo is courtesy of Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue and was held at the Lucky Dog Bark and Brew Charlotte.  It was a great afternoon.

Then on Easter morning, there are gift bags!!!  With presents and treats. It is amazing. This year Murphy was pleased with all of his toys except the pink pig, which I love, and he immediately rejected.  Oh well.

Then this afternoon, there was an egg hunt.  The eggs have treats which is the best thing ever. 

While the photo shoot was horrifying, the Easter Bunny delivered big time so it was all worth it.  Happy Easter all.